3 Inexpensive Ways to Establish an Online Presence


3 Inexpensive Ways to Establish an Online Presence
Having an online identity isn't as taboo as it may seem. Read to find something that works for you!

The Cake Mamas knew that building a loyal client following was essential and being super active online was going to get them there. Look beyond Facebook and Twitter, and check out other tools like Tumblr, Pinterest and RumbleTalk. It doesn't have to be another daunting task. Not only do The Cake Mamas provide business information online, they also communicate- a lot. Sharing family photos, inspiring stories, and content that interest them, the Mamas gave their clients a chance to understand and connect with the people behind the business.



Tip: Communicating with clients and potential customers through the social Web must be a priority. Find your voice, post consistently, answer questions, ask for feedback, share ideas, talk. Get the conversation going and you'll be turning your clients into an engaged community.

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Content Marketing

The Cake Mamas set up their own YouTube channel, and created most of their videos without requiring a professional, sharing everything from their daughter, Jordan, trying to pull out her first tooth to documenting tutu day at the bakery.

Flash forward and the Mamas were approached by Food Network's Cupcake Wars. How'd the producers find them? Online, of course! With their first retail location booming and other retailers on board, the Mamas soon opened a second location and knew Cupcake Wars would give the extra push they needed.



Tip: Explore different ways to get your brand out there- don't limit yourself to written content. Videos are an amazing tool, photo tutorials are worth a thousand words, and everyone likes to get a pro's feedback. Strive to establish yourself as an expert in your field, sharing your skills and knowledge by creating and publishing content online.

Creating a successful online strategy isn't a matter of spending big bucks or having a marketing degree. All you need is a big chunk of creativity, a measure of persistence and true commitment to your business.


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