20 Ways To Trim Your Wedding Budget


20 Ways To Trim Your Wedding Budget
Discover how to make your wedding affordable AND beautiful.

14. Ask your florist for ideas about including non-floral items that add impact while lowering cost. A vase filled with lemons or limes can be quite striking.



15. Save by using a faux cake. They are absolutely beautiful and your guests won’t notice the difference (you can still cut it).

16. Or order only enough cake for 75% of your guests (more guests than you think actually don’t eat the cake).

17. Another option is to have a smaller cake (tall but smaller cakes have great impact) and then a second “kitchen cake” which is cut and served to your guests (who will never notice).

18. Skip the cake altogether and serve your favorite dessert!

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19. Consider a pre-owned wedding dress. Whether you buy a pre-owned dress or sell your new gown after your wedding, you can save (or recoup) a significant portion of the retail price. That’s hundreds or potentially even thousands of dollars that can be used on other wedding costs (or towards upgrading your honeymoon)!

20. Don’t buy “wedding shoes.” Instead, buy a fabulous pair of colored shoes that will add a fun punch of color to your day…and that you can wear again and again.

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