20 Things I'd Do for My Best Friend


20 Things I'd Do for My Best Friend
Read this wonderful list of things that can give your friendship the love it deserves.

16. Eat your cooking and love it, no matter how it tastes, because I know cooking is a bitch.  Unlike “fat butt” disclosure, no one should critique anyone who takes the time to do it -- no one!




17. Jump in a pool wearing a silk dress on your birthday because you did. Whether you were reclaiming your youth or just super drunk, I wouldn’t let you float around alone.

18. Go with you to meet a doctor about Botox, fillers, lasers, boob lift or tummy tuck and tell you, even though you don’t need it, that I’d never judge.  (What? I’ll want you to come with me.)



19. Say, “I love you” with the same sincerity with which I say it to my husband, maybe more.

20. And yes, move a body for you … no questions (OK, a few questions) asked.


Feel free to send this to your besties as an “I Love You,” but be warned, you may be held accountable for doing any or all of the above.


What have you done for your closest friends?

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