20 Rules For A Happier Relationship


20 Rules For A Happier Relationship [EXPERT]
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9. Take time to discuss what you want and need from each other. Create a values based relationship. If you agree on your basic values, you can navigate the conflicts better.

10. Be tender in all your interactions.


11. Keep your promises. 10 Chick Flicks Men Secretly Enjoy

12. Develop and nurture a good sense of humor. (That includes laughing at yourself when you screw up!)

13. Acknowledge what your partner is saying before you say your piece.

14. Show appreciation when your partner does something nice for you.

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15. Be responsible for yourself, your health and your messes.

16. Be considerate. Put your partner's needs first at least half of the time.

17. Own your part in a problem, even if you think it is 98% and 2%. You can still own your 2%.

18. Make a commitment to do relationship work. Be a part of the solution. Do Good Men Still Exist?

19. Remember that Connection (with a capital "C") is your top priority.

20. Practice loving kindness. Remember that you can't always be right ... but you can always be kind.

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