15 Things New Moms Worry About


15 Things New Moms Worry About
You're not alone if you have fears regarding your new child

8. Soft Spot - Will it ever close? Is the shape and size normal? How careful do I have to be? You can easily solve this worry by asking your pediatrician.

9. Umbilical Cord - When will it fall off? How do I clean it? They should talk to you about this at the hospital, but if not, a quick call to your doc can solve this. Good news is that within a week, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.



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10. Poop - Oh, the poop! The hot topic of every new mama. Color? Consistency? Smell? What’s normal? Talk to your doctor if you have a concern.


11. Breathing - Newborns breathe “funny” sometimes and have periodic breathing. This is mostly normal, but of course, with any concern, call your doctor.

12. Losing Weight - It never happens as fast as we’d like it.  Here are two ways to lose the weight: working out and eating right. You can get your body back, but it will likely take time.


13. Stretch Marks - You either get them or you don’t. Blame your genes.

14. Flying with Baby - As a mom that took her son on 11 airplane trips his first year of life, I can say with confidence that it can be done. Pack well. Boob, bottle or pacifier for take-off and landing. Extra clothes and extra formula if you aren’t nursing. Trust me, the baby is easy to fly with. The toddler...not so much.


15. Sanity - This comes from Krisinda S. on Facebook (and I have to say I cracked up when I read her comment, but as a mother of three, I immediately knew what she was talking about): The jury is still out on whether sanity ever return.

While you can’t stop all the worry, you can at least calm those worries down. Talk to your doctor for any medical concerns. For general questions, ask a mom friend, your mother or join an online community of new moms. As mothers, we should support one another. Raising happy, healthy children is an important job and one we can’t do alone.

Cheers to you, new mama!  As they say, they will grow up before you know it!


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