15 Things New Moms Worry About


15 Things New Moms Worry About
You're not alone if you have fears regarding your new child

By Marina Sbrochi for GalTime.com

Hooray for you! You managed to make it through pregnancy and deliver a beautiful baby. Or perhaps you waited way too long to adopt a beautiful baby. Either way, the baby is home -- now what? Worry! That’s what it seems new moms seem to do best.


I asked moms of the Twitterverse, as well as expert pediatricians Dr. Melissa Arca (@Melissa_DrMom) and Dr. Natasha Burgert (@DoctorNatasha). I then enlisted the help of Jenny Dunlap (@GoodAcorn). If you aren’t following all these fab moms on Facebook or Twitter and you are a new mom, do so immediately! Jenny of Good Acorn has an extremely welcoming community of moms (both new and old), and everyone is friendly and ready to help other moms.





1. SIDS - No doubt, this has long ben one of the biggest fears for a new parent. Let me introduce some math to keep your fear at bay. In 2010, there were 3,999,386 births, according to the CDC. A CBS news article from March 2012 states that roughly 2,500 infants younger than one year died of SIDS. Small, small percentage. True SIDS (not suffocation or infanticide) is very rare.

2. Breastfeeding - Will it work? Can I do it? There are tons of resources available to new moms from lactation consultants, breastfeeding support groups and online communities (Kelly Mom is a great one!) Rest assured, new mama, whichever way you decide to feed your baby is the best way. Don’t listen to the haters. All moms should support each other.


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3. Colic - This is the fear that strikes every new mom when the crying begins. When will it end? For each baby, it’s different. Seek help if you have a colicky baby. Know this: it will end.

4. Sleep - Two questions emerge on this topic. First, will the baby ever sleep through the night? Short answer, yes. I have three children and each one slept through the night moments before I was about to lose it. Second, will I ever sleep in again? As a mother of a nine and seven-year olds, I assure that you will.

5. Germs - Well, folks, germs rule the world. Not all of them are bad. Kids are little germ factories. We all survived. The best tip is to wash your hands. Often.


6. Sex After Baby - Will it ever happen again? Yep. Otherwise we would all be only children.

7. Pumping - To pump or not to pump, that is the question. There are tons of resources out there and your hospital or birthing center usually has someone on call. The Le Leche League and Kelly Mom are big help too.


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