12% of Moms Using Phones-- During Sex!


12% of Moms Using Phones-- During Sex!
Learn the shocking reason moms are having trouble unplugging--even in the bedroom

By Jenny Tiegs for GalTime

Ah, the kids are in bed, the work day is turned off with a switch of the laptop and you are ready to turn on the romance with your partner.

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The lights are dimmed, candles are lit with Marvin Gaye softly playing in the background...and, if you're like a lot of other moms, you've got your phone out and ready for some major action!!  

Yep, 12 percent of moms admit to using their smartphones during sex, according to Moms and Media 2, a new survey by Meredith Parents Network.

Phones. During. Sex. Say, what??!!

The behavior is happening with young moms between the ages of 18-35, according to the survey. They're dubbed the "millennial moms", or those moms born between 1977 and 1994. They're naturally the tech generation and live their lives with devices attached to their hip.

What are they using their phones for during sex? Well, the survey didn't get that specific. We may never know if they're texting details to their friends, updating their Facebook status or checking email while gettin' busy in the bedroom.

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"Today's moms are media omnivores," says Carey Witmer, EVP/President, Meredith Parents Network in a press release. "Controlling their voracious diet is so important to them that they are constantly creating new rules about how and when media intermingles with their busy lives via their various devices, screens and networks."

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There is insight to behavior, however. The survey took a peek into over 1,000 mothers' lives and discovered their various media behaviors including preferences, consumption, and motivation. In addition to using their phones during sex, the survey found:

  • 81%  say shopping is the #1 way they use their smartphones 
  • Facebook is a big time drainer with 38% of moms claiming it is their “me time,” but also admitting that it is a waste of their time (57%)
  • 22% of moms think their Facebook Friends make too many political statements
  • 21% admit to using their phones while in the bathroom
  • There is an average of 13 apps loaded on their phones
  • 2/3 of mothers say that less than half of their apps are for their kids

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