11 Ways to Meet Your Next Date


11 Ways to Meet Your Next Date
Mix and mingle like a pro!

9. Crazy Blind Date. This is an iPhone/Android app. An OKCupid profile is not required, but it makes it much easier. Choose a date and time, a bar or coffee shop from the app's recommendations, then choose from among 4 people the app suggests. You're supposed to spend only 20 minutes on the date, then rate it on the app. Cost is about $3.

10. Other Blind Date Apps. Tawkify. MeetCute. Meet Moi. These apps set up blind dates for you. All you have to do is just show up... and hope be pleasantly surprised. Clearly, it can go the other way, as well.


11. Location-based Dating App. Tinder is location-based and identifies people nearby who the user might know, and connects them if both are interested. Feels creepy to me… but I’m sure it could be fun, as well.  It helps if you like surprises.

I’m not sure if the techy ones are more efficient than finding love through family and friends, but they certainly are more creative.

So here we are with seemingly a zillion options (or at least 11) at our disposal for finding love, and yet the rate of singles is higher than it’s ever been in this country.  I wonder what it all means? Are we seriously looking for "the one", or does having this many options make it harder than ever? How can you choose just one, when there are so many?

Which way (or ways) do you prefer to meet new people?


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