11 Ways to Meet Your Next Date


11 Ways to Meet Your Next Date
Mix and mingle like a pro!

by Eleanore Wells for GalTime.com

When did dating become so complicated? Actually, it isn’t the dating part that’s so complicated as much as it is the meeting someone to date part. It almost seems that the more options for meeting someone that there are, the harder it is to actually meet someone. Here's a round-up of the many options modern-day daters have to help them find true love.


1. Friends. Asking friends to introduce you to someone is still one of the best ways to find Mr./Ms. Right. Your friends know you and probably aren’t going to introduce you to someone who’s going to be a disaster.

2. Flirting. See someone interesting? Smile. Wink. Hope for the best.

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3. Matchmakers. Professionals who will find “the one” for you… for a fee.

4. Singles Party. Throw a party. Only single people allowed. Ask friends to bring other single friends.

5. MeetUp.com. This is an informal online social networking site that facilitates offline group meetings of like-minded people for a range of activities. Including dining, bowling, hiking, cooking, biking, etc.

6. Singles Events. Stir by Match.com offers social events, such as cooking classes, happy hours,  and cocktail parties for members of Match.com. If you are more of an IRL lady, this is a great way to be social and learn how to mix a perfect martini or whip up a souffle.

7. Online Dating. Match, OKCupid, eHarmony, Christian Mingle, JDate, Black People Meet, How About We. This is not an exhaustive list of online dating sites, but these are among the most popular. They all work pretty much the same. Complete a profile questionnaire, add a picture (or don't), then search or let the site search for you.

8. Grouper. Grouper sets you up with three Facebook strangers, but they don’t like to call them “dates”. It's a social service that sets you and two friends up with three strangers based on your Facebook profile. Sign up for Grouper via your Facebook account, and it sets you up with someone of the opposite sex whom you’re not Facebook friends with. There are no profiles on the site; they do the matchmaking, and you all meet at a place of Grouper’s choosing. Grouper says 93% of participants want to do another one. Currently, the service is about twice as popular with women.

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