10 Ways to Slash Your Grocery Bill in Half


10 Ways to Slash Your Grocery Bill in Half
Tips on how to save where it counts!


8. Clip coupons: Using coupons is a great way to save a few extra dollars almost every time you shop. Discover your best sources for coupons on the items you use most and pair them up with sales for even bigger savings.


9. Prepare: Keep a few easy meals on hand at home for nights when life gets in the way. A little advance preparation will stop you from spending money on going out to eat or ordering in.


10. Can it: Buy frozen or canned vegetables instead of fresh produce. Many folks think that fresh is the best (or only) way to go, but frozen and canned veggies are picked at their peak. In many cases, canned and frozen veggies will save you time and money.

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