10 Ways to Find Time for Fitness


10 Ways to Find Time for Fitness
Working out and staying healthy may be easier than you think! Read on for some tips.

6. Make an Investment - Consider signing on with a personal trainer, joining a gym or purchasing home gym equipment. Making an investment is likely to help you make a time commitment. Knowing that you have a trainer waiting for you will increase your chances of showing up. Signing up for an online personal trainer and comprehensive fitness program can do the same.




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7. Always be Dressed to Move - You never know when the opportunity will arise to go for a walk or hit the gym. Keep your sneakers in your car at all times, lay out your workout clothes or pack your gym bag the night before. Eliminate excuses and always be prepared for opportunities to exercise.



8. Engage in Intermittent Sessions - Take several 10-15 minute walking breaks throughout the day. By days end, you could have completed 60 minutes of cardiovascular activity, and the health benefits are the same as continuous exercise.

9. Eliminate Time Wasters - Take a look at your 24-hour schedule and see where you can eliminate some time wasters. Can you multi-task, be more efficient or watch less TV? You only need to dedicate 2 percent of your week to exercise. You are worth it!



10. Set Yourself up for Success - Get up 30 minutes earlier -- then you don’t have to make excuses for the rest of the day. Morning exercises have the highest compliance rates, as do those who exercise with a partner.

Reaching your goals does not have to mean hours in the gym. You can express your workout routine and still maximize your results.



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