10 Romantic Movies You Must See


10 Romantic Movies You Must See
A girl can never watch too many love stories. Find out the ones you need to see ASAP.

Wuthering Heights (1992): I admit to being a bit of a snob when it comes to adapting the classics into film—especially when it comes to the Bröntes. To date, this is the best version. Everything from art direction to cinematography—this version trumps all others by far. Not to mention a gripping portrayal by Ralph Fiennes (and his piercing blue eyes and jet black hair—smelling salts please!)  Fiennes and Juliet Binoche perfectly embody Heathcliff and Catherine. The coffin scene will have you struck dumb with sadness and awe.


Sleepless in Seattle: What can I say? Everything’s right in the world when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are paired up. And the fact that my #1 pick plays heavily into this plotline is no coincidence. Never mind that Hanks and Ryan aren’t on screen together for nearly the entire movie—yet the romance still manages to hit fever pitch. How’d they do that?

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elizabeth’s Picks:

The Way We Were: Redford and Streisand were the perfect couple in this doomed love story: so different and yet you want their love to triumph over outside forces. Put down Fifty Shades of Grey and rent this movie and behold what real hot passion is all about. Come on, look at Redford’s face. Yeah, I don’t want him either.

When Harry Met Sally: I love films that have Manhattan as their backdrop and these two knuckleheads (Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan) did the avoidance dance until they realized that love was staring right at them. Plus, I think humor can be quite sexy and then there is that scene about the fake orgasm that makes me cheer. Yeah, like you haven’t been there before?

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