10 Reasons Women Stay in Bad Marriages


10 Reasons Women Stay in Bad Marriages
Getting out of a marriage is a difficult decision..there may be more reasons to stay than you think.

7. Divorce seems worse than the bad marriage.

When women get to this point their thinking has really gone askew. Irrational fears and negative future fantasies can distort a woman’s perceptions keeping her stuck in an unhealthy marriage. Using rationalization and denial, women convince themselves that their situation isn’t really “that bad” and end up staying too long.


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8. They lack the skills to restart their lives and move on.

Many women simply don't know how to leave their marriage and go after the life that they deserve. Starting a new life can feel daunting. Without the proper education and tools it is impossible for a woman to envision herself beyond her current situation.

9. They fear the misery of being single.

Although many equate the single life with being unhappy and alone, this is quite often not the case. The merits of marriage and the merits of remaining single must be weighed on an individual and ongoing basis.

10. They remain committed to their commitment.

A commitment should always be placed in context. The world in which we live is far from black and white. Women who remain committed despite high levels of pain and suffering should ask themselves precisely for what they remain committed.

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