10 Reasons We Love & Scorn Our Husbands


10 Reasons We Love & Scorn Our Husbands
Admit it... we've all had those moments. We can't live with them, but we can't live without them!

3. Noise pollution. Men are noisy. They clear their throats constantly and make a commotion just getting out of their chair. You may want to take a nice quiet relaxing bath but that’s exactly when they decide they want to come and remind you that they are going on a biz trip tomorrow and “Is my blue shirt back from the cleaners?”



4. Gaining a second family. I was having a hard enough time with my own!

5. Seeing the one you love every day…when you’re pissed at them and want to kill them.


6. It's pretty ho-hum. My married life seems boring compared to my single friends who are out partying and have hilarious dating stories. My “I made chicken” just sounds pitiful.

7. You kind of have to get a second opinion. Now you have to consult him when you want to redecorate or make a big purchase which can mean lengthy negotiations and stress. I have learned that I can get away with just going ahead and buying some things and he will learn to live with it, like the tree wallpaper I put in the bathroom. (I hope he’s not reading this).


8. The fanfare fades. Getting dressed for a night out is now very seldom and does not produce the fanfare or excitement it used to. Your audience has “been there, seen that.”

9. It can be like living in a fairy world. My husband sometimes acts like some fairy goes around replenishing the refrigerator, emptying the garbage in the bathroom, picking stuff up, and putting new bathmats in the bathroom. There is no thank you because the fairy must have done it, not you. And fairies don’t need thanking. It’s what they do.


10. My chances with George Clooney are getting slimmer.

What are your pros and cons of having a husband?

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