5 Clever Ways To Enjoy Valentines Day Alone


valentines day
Don't be a Debbie Downer on the most romantic day of the year!

Escaping to the gym can be both a way to sidestep the masses who celebrate Valentines Day, and it can also be a retreat to sweat out any stress, issues or heartache you are feeling. Exercise produces endorphins, which make you feel calmer and happier.

If you are up for giving yoga a go, find a class at your level. Twisting asanas and breath work will help you to release any feelings you've kept knotted up inside. Some studios offer candlelit classes on holidays to honor the love that abounds all around us, and to make space for even more of it.


Feeling like you need to stomp, punch or dance it out? Holidays are a great opportunity to jump into new classes that are often packed-full or that you've been shy to try. Let loose in Zumba, ballet burn, bootcamp, hip-hop or even Jazzercise.

If all else fails, flip through a celebrity gossip magazine while you are on the treadmill as  a reminder that many of us, even the Botoxed and award-winning and red carpet-walking A-listers, will be sweating solo on that evening. Scarlett Johansson? Heidi Klum? Zoe Saldana? Not bad company.

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4. Add up the savings. A long list of women who are single, dating and married told me that they despise the Hallmark-nature of the holiday. Some rebel against it but many ignore it altogether. Even those with partners said they'd much rather spread the love out throughout the year and save the hassle — and expense — of a Valentines night out.

If numbers soothe your practical mind, consider the cost of a typical dinner out on Valentines Day. Zagat reports that couples who dine out on that evening should expect to pay about $100 more than a dinner any other day. Last year, couples in New York paid $147 on average for a V-Day meal.

The cost of a bouquet of red roses jumps twenty bucks to $80 and on average, couples spend a combined $50 - $100 on gifts.  The National Retail Federation tallies this to over $126 per person on Valentine's spending. Altogether, Americans ring up $17.6 billion in purchases to celebrate this day alone. Keep reading ...

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