5 Clever Ways To Enjoy Valentines Day Alone

5 Clever Ways To Enjoy Valentines Day Alone

5 Clever Ways To Enjoy Valentines Day Alone

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Don't be a Debbie Downer on the most romantic day of the year!

Oh, you're cringing. Trust me, it's magical. A few years ago, what I wanted most on a particularly tough holiday was flowers. Maybe it was to make up for years with a neglectful ex, or maybe the orange-yellow roses were particularly brilliant in the photo. But I sent a huge bouquet to myself with a note that says, "Dear Jessica, Remember, your heart is fierce. Love, Jessica."

I swear that card made the flowers more radiant and made me bloom even bigger. The card is still tacked to the wall above my desk, a reminder that I deserve wonderful, beautiful moments. Sometimes, I just have to make them for myself. What's your note going to say?

2. Celebrate the love of your lady-friends. One year, as Valentines Day approached, a friend and I both broke up with the kind of guys you can't believe you just invested so much time and energy in, and for so long. We were irritated at ourselves and griping over beers when she admitted he'd never done anything nice for her on Valentines Day anyway. And then she suggested we be each other's Valentines that year.

I surprised her with flowers and a funny card filled with memories we'd shared, and she bought me a lovely necklace. I was so touched by what she put into picking that gift for me and so affirmed to wear it in honor of the friends who long outlasted many romantic relationships.

Find a lady-friend or four and shower each other with affections, memories and gifts. If you're not into organizing events, leave a little something — a box of favorite candies or bottle of wine or fancy tea — on your friend's desk, at her front door or in her mailbox. Or, get back to your craftiest self and make Valentine cards and send off little friend-love notes to the women in your tribe. It will feel really good to put that out into the world and I guarantee that they will be grateful you poured some love their way.

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3. Don't sweat it by sweating it. "Other people make the day annoying," says lobbyist Heather Barmore, who adds that since she's usually single on Valentines Day, it is enduring the crowds that is the worst part of the holiday. She will be treating the holiday as she does any other weekday evening — in a Bikram yoga class. Keep reading ...