7 Things We Can Learn About Love From Public Speaking


7 Things We Can Learn About Love From Public Speaking [EXPERT]
Are you a life learner? Here's what you can learn about relationships from public speaking.

7. Uniqueness. Even if you deliver the same speech to different audiences (which I don't really recommend), I bet the experience is different! The audience and the interaction you have during the speech is so unique that you better be flexible to accommodate it! How flexible are you in your relationships? The person in front of you is different than you, but I guess you know that by now! Appreciate the differences, and don't expect to be perfectly understood without some effort on your part. We are unique beings, with different backgrounds and ways of thinking. So be open to discover, be flexible and adjust if you want the most of your relationship. Getting stuck in your own point of view means you consider others thinking exactly like you do.

In any relationship everyone is right, but only partially! What do you think? :)

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