Help for "Male Relationship Attention Deficit"


Help for "Male Relationship Attention Deficit"
Men don't pay attention because of an archaic self-protection instinct. Put it to work for you.

Think of it this way: you are New Orleans; you live below sea level behind some flimsy levees. Your significant honey is Katrina, whipped into Cat 5 fury by your stonewalling. Stop sandbagging! Start seeding the winds with information, tons of information, enough to quiet the storm surge. Your inner guard dog is hyper-vigilant. He can pay attention even if you can’t. Just make sure your guard dog has not mastered you. Your Katrina honey feels like she’s outside your walls, yelling for your attention because she can’t get past your guard dog so she can come in and speak with you. Master your guard dog. Make him work for you. Keep up the Protective Information Barrier! It requires constant tending, but over time it can build a ring of safety around you and your relationship.

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