Study: Love Hormone Helps Kids With Autism


3 Study: Love Hormone Helps Kids With Autism [EXPERT]
When it comes to autism, love can save the day.
Put the biochemistry of love to work in three simple steps.

Navigating social situations can be difficult for anyone, but for people on the autism spectrum, it's not just difficult, it's a minefield. They don't pick up on social clues that seem obvious to most people. There are unwritten social rules that they can't fathom. Things blow up on them when they have no idea what they've done wrong. 7 Steps To Creating Compassion In Your Life

To put it mildly, that's stressful. High anxiety is often the silent partner of people with autism, even those who are high-functioning. That anxiety can be paralyzing in social situations. Not just deer-in-the-headlights frozen, but full-on engulfed in fear. For people with autism, it compounds their already difficult challenges.

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Emotions drive our physiology, including our brain function. Stressful emotions drive our brains into chaos, making it difficult to focus, remember things, perceive what's in front of us, and think of what to say. But there's a flip side — positive emotions drive our brains into coherence, improving attention, memory, perception, and communication. This is true for all of us, whether we're on the autism spectrum or not.

It is encouraging to learn that when researchers at the Yale School of Medicine gave young people with autism the hormone oxytocin (called "the love hormone" because of its role in maternal bonding), there were measurable increases in brain function in areas associated with processing social information.

This opens new possibilities for treatment of autism. However, we can produce beneficial hormone levels and improve brain function naturally through the power of positive emotions. In my stress coaching for people with Aspergers and ADHD, I use simple and powerful ways to put the biochemistry of love to work. 9 Ways Parents Can Prevent Bullying

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1. Start small, go slow, think big. Autism is a developmental delay, not a life sentence. Expect that they can go beyond their limitations, but never push them there. Don't fight small battles; let them be where they are, and just take time to look for small victories. Each one is a big deal.

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