6 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Being Single This Summer


Advice For Singles In The Summer
Single and looking? Why not have fun while you're doing it?

4. Have a Fling!

With all that hot weather and scanty clothing, it's no wonder summer is a great time for hookups. If you're looking for a serious relationship but are willing to temporarily put your life partner search on hold, now is the time! Have you met someone you're attracted to but not sure they're marriage materal? That doesn't mean you can't enjoy their company for a little while. Having a fling doesn't necessarily mean having sex; sometimes a few fun dates, or a hot makeout session are all you need, especially if it's been awhile since you enjoyed some amorous companionship. Are you planning any vacations before the summer is out? That might be the perfect time for your fling! Just be really clear with yourself about what you are comfortable with and whether you can have a rendezvous without getting too attached.


5. Remember: "Perfection" is Not Required.

A lot of women (and some men) spend much of the year stressing about their bodies and how they'll look in that bathing suit or short shorts. If you are like most people in this country, you might have fallen short of your fitness goals. Oh well. Join the club! Summer isn't about having a supermodel body (and neither is any other season). Invest in some flattering seasonal clothes, hold your head high and rock that summer dress or swimsuit. Look and feel your personal best. Remember, confidence is sexy!

6. Get Out and About!

See a theme here? This is the single most important way to make the most out of your summer. Sitting inside in the comfort of your A/C won't bring you any lasting memories. You should be out enjoying yourself. The happier you are and the more joyfully you live your life, the more people are drawn to you. From picnics to beach outings to sitting and enjoying your coffee or dinner at a sidewalk café, the opportunities for fun are endless. Don't be afraid to go it alone if necessary. Take a book with you to that café, take a leisurely walk downtown, head to that singles mixer solo or strike up a conversation with the stranger buying beets next to you at the farmer's market. You never know where it might lead!

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