How To Develop A "Happiness Habit" In Your Relationship


How To Develop A "Happiness Habit" In Your Relationship
Build a brain that can generate happiness in your relationship

What are your Happiness Habits in your relationship? How do you think and act when you are most happy? What happens if you lead with your attention on the good rather than waiting for good to somehow find you? Put your attention on the space in between your complaints and you will become a student of your own happiness process and have access to greater joy and bigger spaces in between problems.  This doesn’t mean to ignore real problems when they arise, but it does mean to give equal or more time to the “non-problem” part of life.

According to Rick Hanson, author of Buddha’s Brain, the brain takes it shape from whatever the mind rests upon. Research in the field of neuroscience and neuroplasticity shows you can make structural changes in the brain from how you use your mind. Since it tends to rest upon negativity, it gets very good at learning from bad experiences and not so good at learning from good experiences.


Busy regions of the brain get more blood flow and build new connections. So what kind of brain are you building yourself? A brain that think in a forwarding, productive and inspiring way? Or a brain that complains, stresses and generates fear? Which kind of a brain do you want? The plasticity of the brain invites us to bring our intention and attention to the way we think and how we focus our attention.

Another one of my favorite mentors and friend Dr. Bruce Lipton says in his research in the field of epigenetics, what we believe and what we think about effect the ways our genes express themselves through our biology.  This means that your health, your well-being, your energy, your vitality organizes around your beliefs and your thinking. That's powerful stuff!

What kind of a brain are you bringing to your relationship?

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