Let's ReInvent the Status Quo - Part I


Let's ReInvent the Status Quo - Part I
What does it take to actually make a change? Here's how do you do it step by step? Ready, set, GO!

Okay, good job.
Step Three: Never, ever, ever let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do.
Make a list of  a) what people have told you NOT to do. In other words, did you want to go to law school or travel the world and others told you it was a bad idea and you didn’t do it. Put on your thinking cap and remember such instances.
b) what have people told you that you SHOULD do … like take over the family business, have more kids than you wanted, major in a specific field (like the same one as your Dad or Mom).
In both cases here, be very honest. When we give in to the will of others and we don’t follow our own desires we suffer for it. It eats us up inside.

So now you’ve done Steps One, Two and Three of a 7 1/2 ReInvention process. I’ll cover the next steps in future articles. I’m here for you if you have questions or concerns.
Good luck with the process.

Your life is waiting for you!

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