Are you Thriving or Just Surviving?


Are you Thriving or Just Surviving?
Do you handle challenges with dignity OR do you kick and scream and expect the worst?

So, ask yourself some questions … no matter what the circumstance you may be dealing with:
1. How do I generally cope with a difficult situation?
2. When I go through something challenging, do I just “survive” it?
3. Do I always see the worst case scenario?
4. Am I someone, that even in the midst of a challenge, can keep my head up and move through it with grace and resolve?
5. Do I find myself being supportive of my loved ones and reassuring them that we will get through this together?
6. Am I filled with bitterness and do I stoke the fires of  a “that’s not FAIR” conversation?
7. Do I do all that I can do to keep my attitude positive? Do I pray or in some way meditate around the issue in a positive way … asking for the best outcome?
8. Even if the outcome is appearing to be unfortunate, do I handle it and continue to go through it with courage?
9. Do I live life to the fullest?

Only you can make the decision or choose how to react to challenges. You can struggle, demand, fight, not believe …. OR you can be calm, try all things possible, have acceptance for where you are, help those around you accept what’s happening.

You can “survive” … hanging on by your fingertips OR you can THRIVE.

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