RX For Mending A Broken Heart


Your prescription for a broken heart: Take two of these suggestions & call a friend in the morning.

Love hurts. Let's admit it. Even in the very best of relationships, things are said and done that hurt feelings, bruise egos or leave you feeling a little injured. Wearing your heart on your sleeve comes with the risk of exposure - to both joy and sorrow. 

There are various stages of a broken heart. There's a mild broken heart, which tends to fix itself on its own, and goes away in a short amount of time. It usually doesn't require too much attention because the wound will quickly heal. 

Then, there's a severe broken heart. The type of pain that sits with you for a period of time. You may do things to make yourself more comfortable during the incubation period such as indulging in retail therapy or watching a marathon of your favorite shows on Netflix. Deep down inside, you know that these feelings will go away, much like the flu, but it's the waiting for it to pass that seems like the longest part.

A chronic broken heart is the worst. It feels terminal. There is simply nothing to console or pacify you as you go through this. It's as if a Mack truck has driven straight through your heart and parked itself there. Noone can understand or relate to it, because you are sure that you are the first person to have ever been diagnosed with such a rare disorder. Your heart simply has stopped working and you are not sure how you are even functioning. Part of you believes you are on life support because that's the only logical way you could be waking up every day.   

Any stage of heartbreak can be challenging to manage. Diagnosing the cause of a broken heart can be just as difficult. People handle situations and experiences differently. You can see it in a hospital room where a family is hovering over a sick loved one. One person may be kneeled over in tears while another is laughing and making jokes. Our hearts share the function of beating and providing oxygenated blood to our beings. But our emotional hearts beat differently, in each and every one of us.

Modern medicine has marveled us with heart transplants, pacemakers and valve repairs, but they have yet to be able to cure a broken heart. There is no magic pill to take or a special shot to inject into our blood stream. There's no medical procedure or practice to fix what has been broken. 

Even though we can't go the doctor, we can be our own specialists and take our Hippocratic Oath of ethics and honesty: "Physician, Heal thyself."

If you are in a stage of a broken heart, take two of these smart heart suggestions and call a friend every morning:

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