Ready to Try Online Dating?


Ready to Try Online Dating?
Top ten reasons to build an online dating profile and find your plus one.

There are various life factors that may lead you to turning to the Internet to Find Your Plus One. Perhaps you live in a small town with limited options. Perhaps you are new to town and don't know that many people. Maybe your career and work hours make it improbable to find someone during your free time.

Online dating is a great resource to help find a companion for an event, a date or for life.


1) The Internet is OPEN - 24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week!

You can begin your dating search anywhere you have Internet access. Be it if you are sitting on the sofa at home, sitting behind your desk at work (although your employer would probably much rather have you working on work than your love life), or if you are searching from your mobile phone while on the train or waiting for an appointment. No matter where you are, you can get connected as long as you are connected to the Internet.

If you are on the go or stuck behind a desk for twelve hours a day, you can now become virtually available even if you are really aren't. Your online profile and settings is your social face. Your profile is out there mixing and mingling on your behalf, while you tend to your regular day to day needs. When you have the time, you can quickly check your mobile or receive an email notification to find out if someone is interesting in talking to you.

2) Multiple First Impressions!

In life, we truly only get one first impression. That moment when you first meet someone tends is the first time. The great thing about online dating is you have an opportunity to make multiple first impressions. As you become more familiar with navigating the web site and seeing other people's profiles, you can continually update your own profile. As your life evolves, you can make note of that on your page, also.

Perhaps when you first built your profile, your initial interests were hiking, traveling and bird watching. Your profile matches would most likely connect you to someone in common. But then a month later, your interests expand and now you update it to include your new hobby of mountain biking. Your dating pool has just expanded again, allowing you to make more connections with people, and even possibly be reintroduced to previous matches.

Online dating allows you the opportunity to continually update and present your best and most relevant self at that specific time in your life. And as your interests or needs change, you can reflect that through your profile, attracting people of similar compatibility.

3) Pre-Date Qualification!

Hey, it works in the finance world, why shouldn't it work in the dating arena, too? Online dating allows you the opportunity to get to know someone before meeting them. Through email, phone calls and tweets, you can get to know someone a bit before that face to face interaction.

Let's say you've made a connection and begin an email dialogue with this person. Through a series of emails, you can each feel the other out. Hopefully, there is a banter and a good exchange or maybe the conversation will be left flat. If there doesn't seem to be much of a connection outside of  the similarities on your profile,
this can allow the other person to cancel a date rather than leaving someone stood up.

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