Is Love Written in the Stars for You?


Is Love Written in the Stars for You?
Do you let your daily horoscope guide your heart? Determine your own fate for finding love.
  • Your day seems gloomy.
  • You look for things to go wrong.
  • You aren't suprised when something unfortunate happens. 
  • You don't dress to impress.
  • You don't wear your best accessory - your smile.
  • You aren't outgoing or personable.
  • You decide nothing good could possibly happen that day. 
  • You don't look for love because you know it's not looking for you. 

When you read your horoscope at the start of your day, you are setting a very powerful tone to your day. You may be allowing it to navigate you towards what it is written versus what you can make your day to be. If you are a faithful morning reader, switch up your routine. Read your forecast at the end of the day and compare it to the day you actually had. You may notice shockingly accurate similarities or a day that looks completely unlike your own. 

To believe that every Libra or every Virgo is experience the same exact day is impossible. It is like saying every Gemini or every Scorpio is exactly alike. Similarities may exist, but each person is their own person. There are countless factors to determine your personality, likes, dislikes and free will choices.


The best of the best astrologers even advise to use the readings as a helpful guide not as The Bible. There is room for flexibility and error in these readings. Just because an astrology chart may tell you love is not in the cards does not mean that for you. Think of your horoscope like the weather forecast. There is science and truth behind it, but, just like the weather, the forecast can change at any minute. 

If you are an Aries woman, don't avoid dating the Cancer just because his sign is not compatible to yours. Write your own horoscope. Predict your own fate. Attract love into your life because you have decided it to be so. Love IS in the stars for you. Chart your own path to happiness to find love. 



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