Is Love Written in the Stars for You?


Is Love Written in the Stars for You?
Do you let your daily horoscope guide your heart? Determine your own fate for finding love.

Venus moon rising. Sun square Pluto. These are common phrases seen in daily horoscopes and astrological readings. Depending on your sign, based on where the planets are aligned, the prediction for your day may have you prepared to win the lottery or ready to climb back in bed. 

Zodiac compatibility pairs Aries with Leos and Sagittarius for lifelong love and Cancers and Capricorns are considered their worst partners. There are predictions of success for love, romance and happiness for every sign and every sign pairing possible.


If you are a regular reader of your horoscope, you may notice that some days say to put on your best outfit because you are poised to meet someone special. Other days, you may be warned that love is not in the cards this week. Whether you follow the stars for guidance or sheer entertainment, it's important to err on the side of caution when letting the horoscope predict your love life.

On the days that you read something positive, it can relate to a good day. A seed has been subliminally planted that may make you more personable and charming because you are expecting to meet someone that day. Or the reverse can happen. You could spend the day anxiously waiting for Prince Charming to arrive.  When midnight strikes, your day has officially turned into a pumkin, because he's not anywhere to be found.  

A weekly horoscope may advise that this is not the week to find love. "Singles will be challenged in relationships." This tidbit of information may leave you feeling defeated. Rather than being social and active, you may decide to spend your nights home alone because the stars already told you there's nothing out there for you right now. 

If you are actively reading your astrological forecasts, watch for the following signs that you may be letting the stars control your destiny

Favorable Day Predictions

  • You tend to be more upbeat and outgoing.
  • You have a more positive outlook on finding love.
  • You find yourself being more social with friends and family.
  • You have a spring in your step. 
  • You smile at strangers.
  • You engage in small talk at places like the bank or grocery store.
  • You feel on top of the world.
  • You feel hopeful, optimistic and enthusiastic.   

Unfavorable Day Predictions 

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