Why I Believe in Online Dating


Why I Believe in Online Dating
Catfish, predators and worse are out there, but I still believe love can be found online.

With all the bad news and horror stories, why would someone even consider online dating? Often portrayed in a negative light, why would someone like me who believes in love, suggest such a questionable way for people to meet, connect and fall in love?
I liken it to watching the evening news. In a matter of thirty minutes, stories flash by on the TV that are inspiring, exciting, devastating and mundane. There are an unknown number of stories that happen every day, but only the most sensationalized or the local highlights make the cut - similar to love. There are love stories happening every day - good and bad. There are first dates and last dates, engagements, weddings and divorces - every single day. Love exists and although we don't always see or hear about the good stories, they are the ones that I find inspiring and exciting. The stories that are devastating and mundane, I look to those to find answers or offer help so people can get closer to finding a better partner.

Safety in online dating is of great importance to any dating service, be it online, matchmaking or speed dating. We attend seminars, workshops and conferences that specifically address safety and dating protection. I know many site owners who have invested a great deal of time and energy to making sure their clients have an understanding of the predators that exist. 


Ms. Beckman's story and other women and men who share similar stories are the reason why I chose a technology company that could offer a line of dating protection for our clients. FindYourPlusOne.com offers DateGuard™. The features of DateGuard™ are listed on the front page of our site:

"How well do you know the person who you are chatting online with? It is better to be safe than sorry. DateGuard™ allows subscribers on your dating website to conduct background checks and ID verification on other users online. It allows clients to set their privacy settings, allowing them to control who may view their profile and how. As an added security feature, users are also able to register a date with DateGuard™ which will monitor their offline meeting. It will track who the user will meet and the location of the where they will be introduced. Once the meeting has concluded, the DateGuard™ user can rate the date and provide feedback for their face to face meeting."

By no means does DateGuard™ imply that someone like Wade Ridley could slip through the cracks. But, it does mean that we would have knowledge of knowing that you two were spending time together or had recently went out. If something unfortunate happened during the date, we would have pertinent information to provide.

Does a safeguard like this reduce the number of spammers, scammers and catfish that may register on our site? We think so. Does that hurt the revenue stream? Yes. Do I care? No. What I care about is providing a safe, secure and eventful online dating environment for people who are looking to find their plus one.

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