What I Learned About Love and Life from Boy Meets World


What I Learned About Love and Life from Boy Meets World
Life and love lessons learned from the popular family sitcom, Boy Meets World

I have faced changes and challenges in friendship, family and of course, love. And I have not always had thirty minutes to solve my problems or embrace my rewards. A few stories in my life have been neat “wrap it up in one episode” situations, others are an arc, many have lasted a full season and some remain to-be-continued.  What I have learned through all of this though is that the people you have casted as main supporting characters in your life have a powerful effect on your story. The parts they play can better you, strengthen you and even give your character more depth.

My life did not come with a script and I am improvising much of as I go along. I do not always know the ending of one episode or the beginning of a new season. But I do know that my core people are key players and have expanded my dialogue of love. 


It was inevitable that Cory and Topanga would end up together. It was written to be so. But their story is dotted with happiness, heartbreak and hope – much like life is for all of us. The best way to meet this world every day is to follow Mr. Feeny’s advice he offered in the final series episode “Believe in yourself. Dream. Try. Do good.” 



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