12 Dates Of Christmas


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Try these 12 holiday-inspired date ideas with your special someone!

6. Visit Santa's village. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. You're never too old to stop believing. Take a clue from Buddy the Elf and stop by and see Santa. Stand in line and take a picture. It'll be one for the memory books. Afterwards, go to a nearby restaurant for dessert. Who says Santa's the only one who can enjoy milk and cookies? 

7. Listen to the music of the season. Spend a night with the minstrels. Whether it's a community troupe, a university club or the Philharmonic. Let the music of the season connect you and inspire you. Just leave the singing to the pros and the American Idol contestants. 


8. Have a painting party. Around the country, painting events are becoming a popular date night event. Channel your inner Picasso and learn how to paint the piece du jour. It's a great open environment with little pressure. 

9. Book a sleigh ride. If you are lucky enough to live in a snowy, mountain area, let Rudolph guide your sleigh tonight. Depending on the experience, you can add dinner to the package or be creative. Pack a picnic and enjoy a thermos of hot cider and fresh baked treats. 

10. Trim the tree. Visit the Christmas tree stand. Many times, they will have a carnival or fair, too. Take a spin on the rides, enjoy the funnel cake and be a kid again. Share fun childhood stories and happy memories. Go on a quest to find the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of the park. 

11. Ho ho ho! Be a little jolly and take in a comedy show. It's a great way to determine each other's sense of humor and if the comedian is good, you two won't need jingle bells to be laughing all the way. 

12. Watch a movie under the stars. Rather than go to a theater, watch a holiday themed movie in a unique setting. Your local drive thru, town square or arts center may be showing outdoor movies. Grab some blankets and bundle up while you enjoy the show.  

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