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Resolve to Make 2013 Your Year of Love


Resolve to Make 2013 Your Year of Love
13 ways to bring more love into your life by showing more love in 2013.


  • Laughter - Choose happy. When you are going to a movie, reading a book or listening to music, you have the option to go for drama or for comedy. Try to keep things on the lighter side whenever possible. Limit the heavy dramas filled with violence, romantic entaglements or sadness. Gravitate towards the happy and the happy will gravitate towards you.  
  • Participate - Join community projects that show love. LoveBomb.com is an online initiative where members send a blog message to someone once a week who needs it. MoreLoveLetters.com collects hand written letters and sends them to people who need a little love in their life. By taking fifteen minutes a week to show love for a complete stranger, you are a part of a powerful movement of sharing compassion. Random acts of kindness are one of the greatest expressions of love.  
  • Vision - Create a 2013 vision board.Bring your goals to life through photos, words and action. Pick thirteen things that you want to happen this year and make a collage. Place this somewhere you can see every day. By visualizing what you want, you are taking a powerful step to draw those things into your life. The next step is taking action to make it happen. Fall in love with the idea of your dreams coming true. 
  • Travel - Take a day trip or plan a trip of the lifetime. Explore different surroundings and meet new people. Try different cuisine in your own neighborhood. Watch an episode on Travel Channel of somewhere you've never been or always wanted to go. Learn about what is outside of your comfort zone. Expand your radius of people and places and you will widen your opportunities. You may discover that there's no place like home or you may ingnite wanderlust. By changing your perspective you are opening your mind and your heart to new ways of thinking. 
  • Meditate - Daily meditation practice has been proven to help with personal development, career advancement and relationships. Health advocates such as Dr. Oz and spiritual guru Deepak Chopra incorporate mediation practice into their daily life. Spend ten to fifteen minutes a day calming your mind. During this time, you can set an intention to draw more love and loving opportunities into your life. A clear mind paves the way for goals and dreams to come true. 
  • Find - Find Your Plus One. Be open to the experience of having someone in your life. Determine if you want a casual or serious relationship and invest in the time and energy it takes to find a partner. Go to speed dating events, try online dating and tell your friends to set you up! Decide to let love find you while you actively look for it. 
  • When making your New Year's resolutions, add bringing more love into your life to the list. You can choose to work one one tip every four weeks or try them all at once.  By opening your heart, you're allowing love to flow in. Make 2013 the year of love! 

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