Resolve to Make 2013 Your Year of Love


Resolve to Make 2013 Your Year of Love
13 ways to bring more love into your life by showing more love in 2013.

The new year is quickly approaching. If 2012 wasn't everything you were hoping it would be, this is a great time to look forward to new opportunities, new experiences and a new outlook.

One of the core missions of is to help members find love - be it for compassionship, friendship, casual dating or a long term relationship. To find love, one of the key pieces of advice offered is to attract love is to create more love in everyday life.


By showing acts of love, you can raise your levels of emotions that attract love. Scientific research has shown that behaviors associated with love can increase levels of oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone". Oxytocin is a hormone in your brain. When released, it creates heightened feelings of pair bonding, social attachment and decreased anxiety. 

In preparation of the new year, here are thirteen ways to bring more love into your life for 2013. 

  1. Volunteer - Spending time helping others is a great way to do good, feel good and share good. When you help others without any expectation of thanks or appreciation, not only is it a selfless act, but it's one that show's a great deal of love for a cause. 
  2. Hobby - Take your passion to another level. If you are an avid waterskiier, commit to doing it more this year. If you always wanted to try yoga, now is the time. Whatever interest you have, expand and develop it further. By doing what you love, it makes you happier. It also puts you in circles to meet people who share your same interests.   
  3. Exercise - It's a proven fact that exercise is an endorphin rush. It not only releases happy hormones into your body but it helps with reducing stress. Take a walk every day, ride a bike or go for a run. Whatever level you are at, do it. Daily.  
  4. Socialize - Say yes to life. Visit family, go to your friend's birthday party, check out a book reading. Spend time being around people. Engage in conversation, say hello to a stranger and mind your manners. By showing up for people and offering respect, you are exhibiting kindness and that is a great act of love.  
  5. Animals - Our animal kingdom friends have been proven to help with improving health conditions in sick and ailing people. Dogs, cats and horses are part of numerous wellness treatment programs across the country. Fish have been used to help with stress ridden individuals. Reduce your cortisol (stress) levels by spending time with your own pets, visiting a zoo or pet shelter. Lower stress creates a happy heart and a happy heart is open for love.  
  6. Nature - Spend time out in the nature. Mother Nature has taken great care to design parks, mountains, rivers and oceans with breathtaking views. Be it once a week or once a month, take a hike or have a picnic in one of these scenic areas. By spending time in the great outdoors, it puts things into perspective just how majestic and beautiful life really is. 
  7. Art - Through poetry, music or live theater, artists express creativity and passion. Embrace their love of the arts by reading more, going to a Broadway  - or off Broadway - show. Learn about the arts and find something that resonates with you. Understanding someone else's passion is a great way to become inspired to find your own.
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