50 Things You Should Try For Hotter Sex

Identify a Player So You Don't Get Played


Identify a Player So You Don't Get Played
It's okay. You can hate the player AND hate the game. Just be smart and know how it's played.

If you are good enough to spend time with and do the down and dirty with, you are good enough to be a part of his social network. 

  • All of his exs live in Texas. And he knows where they live, what they are doing at any given moment and they are still on speed dial. If he is still friends with every girl that he's every dated, be warned. Guys like this rarely suffer any emotional heartbreak. They quickly move on to the next and somewhere in his mind he may think you are already the next ex. 
  • Contributed by Kimberly James, MatchMaster & Dating Expert, www.findyourplusone.com


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