Love & Drugs: 6 Reasons Your Teen Is Abusing Drugs


Love & Drugs: 6 Reasons Your Teen Is Abusing Drugs [EXPERT]
Why it's important to show your children some love and talk to them about the effects of drugs.

Reason #4: Depression/Anxiety

Stifling emotions can lead to clinical depression and anxiety. Many teens are struggling with mental and mood disorders and they end up self-medicating.


Reason #5: Misinformation

In spite of multiple exposures to anti-drug education, many teens don't believe that trying a drug like heroin once or twice can be a serious risk. They are misinformed, usually by their friends, about the addictive qualities of illegal drugs versus prescription drugs. Estimates are that at least one in five teens have dabbled with prescription drugs that are so easily available in their own home or medicine chests in their friends' homes.

Reason #6: Availability

Drugs of all sorts are easily available — anytime, anywhere. Just ask a teen.  

If you suspect that your child or someone else's child is using drugs, take action right away. Drugs today are much more potent than they were 30 years ago and the risk of addiction is higher. The younger the age at which teens begin and the longer they use, the harder it is to kick the habit.

There are many treatment options including in-patient, out-patient full-day, out-patient after school, counseling and more. Consult with your doctor to have your child tested and to determine which treatment option is best.

P.S. The best prevention for using drugs is for parents to be the adult their children trust they can turn to when there's something important to talk about. For more information on parenting resources and programs, contact or visit the website at

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