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Set Reasonable Expectations & Watch Your Kids Soar


Your kids will achieve more when expectations are raised, one notch at a time.

What does raising the bar look like for you?  What expectations do you have for your children? Setting high expectations is a good thing, as long as the bar isn't out of reach.

Some of the students I teach have trouble with organization and keeping track of assignments.  Meetings with parents of middle schoolers and guidance sometimes result in a long list of things the child is supposed to accomplish or master. Honestly, if someone handed me a list like that I would probably shut down and give up (and some of them do).  It's too much, too quickly.  Just remembering to always put finished homework in their backpack is a major accomplishment.  And

Most goals or tasks are comprised of any number of smaller steps.  So keep the big picture in mind, and implement in small steps.  Remember to celebrate the small stuff, because nothing builds success like success. And nothing builds self-esteem like pride in their own accomplishments.  

And speaking of the big picture, here is an inspiring video about ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things.

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