Parents Are The Missing Link - A True Story (EXPERT)


Parents Are The Missing Link - A True Story  (EXPERT)
When your child is in pain, you get him help. What if it's not enough? It's your turn, mom and dad.

Take a good hard look at yourself.  Can you identify with any of this?  You are your child's most important teacher.  He's watching everything you do.  Your kids are growing up in a world that requires them to be resilient and courageous in order to be safe, happy and successful.  Are you teaching them by example?  Do you have a double standard when you ask for their best effort and productive attitudes, always?  Do you live what you ask them to do? YOU ARE THE MISSING LINK.

So, the next time you think your child is off track and needs help, I implore you to look within.  Recognize that every one of us is a product of the people around us, and we can all use some tweaking. That's you, your kids, your parents.  Being part of a family is a group effort.  When one hurts, you all hurt.  When one needs help, you all need help.  DON'T BE A MISSING LINK.  BE THE LINK THAT COMPLETES AND STRENGTHENS THE CHAIN.

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