Anger Management

Years in Practice

10 Years


London LND NW3 7AX - United Kingdom


MS, PsyD

Additional Expertise

Author, Hypnotherapist

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Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

"be your own measure of your worth"

About Felix Economakis

Back when I was a young boy of around 11 years of age or so, my parents had been divorced so I lived with my mum and my brothers were away at boarding school. I was bored. We didn't have the internet or even computers at home then, so I was always looking for mental stimulation. My mother had some popular psychology books lying around. I started reading them. I was hooked.

The books spoke to me as if they were a surrogate wise parent, teaching me about the ways of the world and why people can behave in the way they do. Suddenly all my parents’ behaviour (not to mention my own confusing behaviour) began to make more sense. Teach me more o wise master, I felt like saying at the time, so I spent a fair amount of my pocket money on a combination of Marvel comics and psychology books (I think even then I wanted to be a 'super-therapist'). I looked into a psychology degree but the math part scared me so I opted for another social science degree in politics, which is psychology at a bigger level. 

After graduating I took a year off to go to Italy to learn Italian and admire all the art the country is bursting at the seams at. I returned to England, had a brief stint as a Contracts Negotiator for a Japanese company before being made redundant. I grabbed the first job I could (it was also a double recession back in the early 90's), which turned out to be as a manger of an American chain of small retail outlets. I soon discovered that being an agony uncle to my staff was the part of the job I liked most.

So at the age of 27 I finally bit the bullet and left my job to start training in psychology. I graduated as a Chartered Counselling Psychologist in 2002 and along the way also did training in clinical hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). I worked in the English National Health Service NHS for over 7 years, which provided me with wonderful opportunities to explore, develop and hone all the different therapies that I was training in. My client base soon built up and I set up his own private Practice in Hampstead, London where I continue to practice from to this day.

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