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When Is Good, Good Enough?


Search for perfection got you down? Here's how to know when to stop.

I’ve been struggling this week--make that this year--to get my videos done so that I can finally launch my website.  These are the free-gift training videos that I send out to anyone who signs up on my website.  My credit card receipt tells me that I actually started in November when I bought Screenflow, a video-editing program.  Let’s just say that it is taking awhile.


First I created outlines to organize my thoughts.  Then I spent several nights creating a home studio, trying out different backgrounds.  Then I learned how to add cool things like text boxes to the videos.  Then I decided that I wanted the sound to be from an external microphone.  Then I thought it would look better if I recorded the videos against a green screen (think weatherman) with a camcorder.  YIKES!  Talk about a lot of time!  Not to mention the numerous versions of a powerpoint that I created that I’m not sure I’m even going to use!

Well this week I have been fighting the technology gods.  I decided to record them one more time, and thought I had it all down.  Needless to say, I have run into so many more issues than I anticipated.  I can totally see why people hire professional videographers to make these videos.  But since I am just starting out, I want to do them on my own.  And I can’t really afford a videographer.  Read more here.

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