How to Leave Your Child


How to Leave Your Child
Separation anxiety can be heartbreaking for parents--it is for me.

4.  Don’t get angry or embarrassed.  It is completely normal to feel like your child is “doing this” to you, especially if they create a scene while every other kid waves goodbye and then gets to work.  Know that your child loves you, and doesn’t have the ability to express emotion in the same way as adults.  And even though its natural to feel embarrassed by an out-of-control child, the only thing most parents feel is empathy for you and your child.

5.  Be clear about and stick to your pick-up arrangement.  Your child might be feeling anxiety because they have a hard time undersatanding when you will be back.  Talk with the teacher to find out what the activity is just before you arrive so that you can give your child a way to understand when you will be back.  And, as much as possible, pick your child up when you say you will.  This will build trust for your child, and make it easier for them to know that you will be back.


If you follow these steps, you will be on the path to creating a strong bond of inter-dependence with your child.  You will appreciate each other and the time you spend together, and also the time that you are apart.  So take heart and know that although it isn’t easy, a few simple things can make it less heartbreaking.

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