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what guys WISH women knew!

What do men think? Ever asked this question, now it's time to really find out, raw truth reveled.

ED here...

You've heard of the "Golden Rule"...Right?

Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you?'s the rule that may be keeping him
from loving you as deeply as he could.

Huh? Why?

==>More details here

You see...

If you show him love like how YOU want to
be shown love...

He WON'T get it.

Men don't feel or experience love in the same way.

==>See HOW to adjust your approach

Here's what guys WISH women knew...

I call it T Dub's Platinum Rule...

Do unto him as he'd like done unto him.

He has other "items" on his girlfriend
wish list....

When you master the Platinum Rule you'll
have him by his heart strings.

Rooting For You,
T Dub

PS ED'S Platinum Rule Applied to Love:
Don't love him like you want to be him like
he wants to be loved.

==> Here's how


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