Make your ex beg you for attention


Make your ex beg you for attention
How to get your to beg for your attention once again, one simple trick will have them running back.

"You are telling them that the breakup didn't bother you that
much" - The fact that it didn't bother you that much will bother
them...They would find it hard to swallow the fact that you got
over them so fast.

"By telling them that something wonderful recently happened
in your life they would fear that maybe you already found
someone else" - This will trigger their fear of loss to
unbearable levels....And at the same time the fear that
you have found someone else will emotionally push them
to know more and more.
The Next Very Important Step...Read Carefully.


Now you will see magic unfold right in front of your eyes...I want
you to listen very closely here...The guy/girl who was trying to
avoid you all this time will literally be begging to have your
attention after this point on...

After you have sent the above mentioned message...Your
ex will probably call you or send you a message to know the rest...

In this case tell them that you have something important to
say and would like to get on the phone...To which your ex
cannot really refuse since he/she is already jumping up and
down with curiosity to know the rest of the message.

Once you are on the phone with them...Make small conversation
and then tell them that you have something really important you
would like them to know...And then hesitate!


"Say...Ummm! Well! I don't know how to say this...But...I guess I shouldn't tell you...But...And then go quite"


At this your ex would probably force you...But hesitate a
bit more & then say...Sorry...I don't think I should tell
you...I gotta go! And then hang up! That’s more and no less!

Don't drag it...Keep it short and hang up.

Now do you know what you have done? Well...surprise surprise!

Before your ex was just curious but now he/she would be
burning with a compelling desire to know what you really wanted to tell them.

They would find it hard to relax and get over the fact that you
had something to say but never said it...And why would this
work? Well humans have a tendency to desire what they can't
have...And that desire turns into a burning obsession with time.

There is another great saying which goes..."Keep them hungry
and they will keep coming back".

Therefore now you have made your ex extremely hungry and
he/she will keep coming back for more until you satisfy their hunger.

I am sure you are real excited by now...
But wait...Let me strongly warn you here.

This trick will work surprisingly well for you...BUT...

Doing this does not mean things will be smooth from this point on.

You have to strictly follow the advice on the next page to know what to do next...


This Is How To get Your Ex back <===

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