Do You Make These 3 Mistakes When Getting Your Ex Back?


Do You Make These 3 Mistakes When Getting Your Ex Back?
Tried everything? Getting no where, failing over and over again with pulling your ex back?

There are 3 huge mistakes most people make when trying to salvage their broken relationships, often times those 3 mistakes lead to utter failure and result in more pain then doing any good for either one of the two.
Let me ask you a few questions?
If you have done any of these or think you might try these net in your approach to get your ex back don’t worry there is still time to fix all of it and get the one you care for back quicker and easier then ever before.

1. Do you text your ex to much?
2. Have you social media stocked your ex lover?
3. Do you call and hang up on them?
4. Have you wrote hate mail ?
5. Have you talked to their friends after the break up?
6. Did you show up un announced on their door step?
7. Do you hang out at the places they do?


  Well if your saying to yourself right now, oh darn, I am guilty of some of those what should I do???

Its simple do nothing, do nothing until you read this entire article and get the most crucial part of getting your ex back down.
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Mistake 1:
I don’t know your situation or what made you split up with one another, but what I do know is getting someone back that grown away from you comes down to a science and if not done correctly everything blows up and the process ends.
The most common mistake one makes is being over aggressive with wanting their ex back, this leads to texting too much, and over calling.  This looks and sounds desperate to gain their attention, don’t do this, if you become needy while you’re in the ex-category you will never get a second chance at love with that person again.

Mistake 2:
This mistake happens a lot more than you would think, more times than none if this mistakes occurs more than once it can just ruin anyone’s chance of ever salvaging their relationship.
Talking to your ex’s friends, not just saying hi to them on Facebook or bumping in them at the local store. Talking to your exes friends like, calling them to ask where he or she is, texting them how much you miss their friend, social media messaging them please help me he or she won’t respond.
If you think your ex isn’t hearing about this you’re crazy, your ex might respond to you, but it won’t be want you wanted to hear that’s for sure.
Don’t break the bond between your ex and their friends, your ex will start to resent you and want nothing to do with you again.

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