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3 Reasons Why Men Ignore That You Exist


Always been overlooked when it comes to attracting Mr Right? See Exactly why men ignore you exist.

Why is it so damn hard to attract a good looking normal man at work or at your favorite happy hour spot?

Do you always get those guys that dicuss you hitting on you? Guys that are over weight and have the worst breath on the face of the earth, get so close to you and keep hounding you over and over again??

The men that you want to have desire you don't even realize you exist, they overlook you never look in your direction....

How can you get right men to desire you and find you attractive that their willing to buy you a drink or yell across the room to get your attention?

The Answer Is Here <====

There's 3 top reasons men completely ignore that a woman exist, and it has nothing to do with looks or the shape of your body...

Men are attracted to a challenge they want to work a bit for your attention,, men won't work to hard but if they don't see any work what so ever they, just don't even realize your in the room..

Men also feed off  confidence, if a woman gives that vibe in a room where there is a man, it's like ESP for a man they just pick up on it and head right toward those type of woman...

A good quality man will never be shy to approach a woman who is with a group of girlfriends having a good time...

Next time your out and about make sure you go with at lest 4 girl friends, and this is very important to attracting and being desirable to men, if their is a man in the group you are with, that sends a vibe to any man that he might be with you...

Always separate  yourself from any single men near you and make it a point to give off the vibe your single confident and not desperate but are single...

Become Desirable By Doing This <====

Try this next time you go out on Friday night, and say good bye to MR bad breath and annoying guy, and say hello to MR handsome!!!



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