Down On Love? 9 Ways To Beat Your Rut

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down on love
YourTango Experts offer nine tips for beating a dating or relationship rut.

You'll need to continually take an honest look at yourself and decide what you do and don't want out of a relationship, as it is always changing. Although this can feel like a daunting task, it's well worth the effort. It's so easy to stick with the old way of doing things, because fear of the unknown can keep you stuck, but this can make you miserable.

  • Make a list of the partner attributes that have made you happy in the past. Be sure to include the things that you liked and disliked about your own interactions, as well as those of your partner. You can continually add or subtract from this list, as your love life progresses and changes. Check back in with this list often to stay clear on what it is you really want. When "He's Not My Type" Ends Up Being "The One"Joyce A. Thompson, Counselor/Therapist
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