3 Steps To Help You Heal After A Miscarriage


3 Steps To Help You Heal After A Miscarriage [EXPERT]
Learn how to recover from an unimaginable loss.

2. Seek help and talk about your feelings with your partner, supportive family members, friends, a counselor or spiritual advisor. Don't isolate yourself — join a support group in your community or online so you can connect with other women who have had similar experiences. If you or someone near to you believes your grief is causing you to become depressed, seek professional help immediately from a qualified mental health care provider.

3. Consider creating a personal shrine or conducting a meaningful ritual with your partner or a supportive friend to commemorate your loss as part of your mourning process. This could involve writing a letter to your unborn child, creating art, or making a shrine in your home honoring your loss. Do whatever you feel will be comforting and empowering for you so you can eventually open up to the future with as much ease as possible.


If it will help, ask a close family member to deliver the news to other relatives and have a trusted colleague let the appropriate people at your work know about your loss. Reducing stress will help ease conception when you are ready to become pregnant again so look at other ways in your life you can lower your stress and honor your own timeline for healing. Are Your Beliefs About Relationships Holding You Back

Dr. Eve Agee is a women's empowerment expert and the Bestselling author of The Uterine Health Companion, Winner of the International Book Awards' Women's Health Category. If you would like to reduce stress and fully enjoy conception, pregnancy, and motherhood, go here to learn more.

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