Depression’s Secret Plan For Your Identity

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Depression’s Secret Plan For Your Identity
Stop depression from controlling your life.

Try to find even that tiny part of you that doesn't entirely agree with depression's conclusions about you. This is the part of you that wonders if depression might be wrong about you or the way it’s twisted the meaning of the events in your life. In fact, it's probably that part of you that propelled you to read this article in hopes of improving your life. I ask you, this tiny part of you that doesn't completely agree with depression's ideas about you, what does it know about you that keeps you from being completely convinced by depression? Does it know that you have been through tough times before and made it through? Does it know that you have built relationships that will help you through this? Does it know that you have what it takes to carry on or even improve things?

Who in your life also knows these things you value most about yourself, a best friend, a special family member, co-worker, even a pet or treasured person from your life who has passed away? If I asked these special people in your life what they value most about you, or why they chose you to have a close relationship with, what might they say? Visiting with, speaking with, or even just thinking about how these special people would answer these questions helps to keep that spark alive and even start to give it a bit more impact on your mood, view of yourself, and life story.


Try your best to listen to that tiny part of you instead of depression. Look for the moments when you might have a little distance from depression and try then to reconnect with that tiny part of you. These might be times when you are with someone you love, watching your favorite movie, snuggling with your pet, or taking a bubble bath. Any time you notice your mood is just a touch better and depression doesn't have such a tight grip on you is an opportunity to reconnect to that tiny part of you.

Try thinking about what you can do to help keep that tiny part of you alive in spite of depression's influence. Try writing down what is most meaningful and valuable to you, and what others see in you. Maybe keeping out a photo of that favorite aunt who always saw the best in you, or journaling about the decisions you have made in your life and why you stand by them will help tip the scales in your favor and away from depression. You could even write inspirational words on your mirror in lipstick. Get creative and find something that supports what you know and value about yourself.

No one but you can decide the meaning of your life and the value of your identity.  All so often depression will subtly and invisibly try to sneak its way into changing our opinions about ourselves. However, arming ourselves with the knowledge of depression's tricks and tactics allows us to start to see depression's influence upon us more clearly. Use this knowledge to spot when depression starts trying to whisper in your ear. Little by little you can begin to change the hold depression has on you.

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