Relationship Coaching in Sex Life Coaching


Relationship Coaching in Sex Life Coaching
Eric Amaranth gives an example from his work where relationship coaching joined sex coaching.

I said to Keith that moments like that can happen in either couple because the brain works more much more often out of habit than it does an on or off switch. Although it doesn't happen with everyone, his unintentional action had triggered her brain to send off alarms that he wasn't changing and just using the situation and sex life coaching for his benefit. Keith fully intended to continue as I said, but Judy didn't know that before her trigger went off. I told him some other things to tell Judy from me and to bear in mind for himself. A key principle to keep in mind is many couples that work with me undergo a pivotal change in life and have to put the old issues aside, team up, and let the process and new pleasures reshape and let fall away many of the relationship rough spots. Mistakes will be made on both sides and that is a natural part of it all. Then I instructed him on how to not make the same mistake again, plus what to do that would be hot and also reassuring for her if he has his orgasm much earlier than she has hers. The advice worked and they haven't had a recurrence of this issue.

Keith liked the new info and I also taught him a new sex position, "side position", as shown here on D&R. This one helped Judy have two big orgasms during intercourse with Keith within five minutes of each other, which were her first with Keith. I'm always happy to hear about major successes from my clients and this was one that was especially well-received. Judy added some of her own style to the position, saying it's even hotter for her to do it with her head and shoulders off the side of the bed I'm very happy for Judy and Keith and they are happy to have more sophisticated and showstopping skills for their new married life together.

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