Many Women Want the Nice Guy and the Bad Boy Rolled into One


Many Women Want the Nice Guy and the Bad Boy Rolled into One

He also has been spending so many years building his education and brilliant career that he's fallen prey to the simple fact of not having time spent developing a firey side.

Alpha males, of any sexual preference actually, tend to be let's say, headstrong; particularly around seeking out advice from another man. Even more so on sex and woman-centered issues. I'm excited to help alphas with more, let's borrow the Taoist terminology and say, "watery" sides to being in relationships with women and having sex with women. I'll bet there's a few badass alphas out there right now on the edge of their hot girlfriend breaking up with them from the suffocation of frustration right now. Then comes the, "Baby, I'll change!" talks. Or he leaves forthwith. Come talk to a man who can do both if you want both.


Our culture with its dual personality disorder of sex sells and sex as taboo makes that exponentially worse. You have to learn this the same way as you built your career and got the 4.0 GPA at biz/med/law school, or getting your skills on the court or the playing field: you have to want it and go get it. I offer it as a sex life coach; the fruits of what I've been creating for the last fifteen years as a brother who went out on a different path and struck a different gold. There are tons of incredible women out there for us wanting the same things or waiting to discover fire or water themselves. Many of the best of them them wanting specifically what we will create together and in that, and in however you may grow with her, you will encourage a more solid relationship if that's a life's want for you at this time. You can also learn now for spending time with lovers before/if you choose a life partner.

Yeah, you could get the quality woman with your money and stability, but you're walking down the same old, proven-unreliable relationship and sex path with the same pitfalls we've already been over in this post. Instead of betting against the house that you'll win out over so many others, play a different game. We humans strike out and try something new, groundbreak, and trailblaze when tradition and convention fails us, we outgrow it, or just because it's adventure. Why do you climb the mountain? Because it's there!! When you get to the top, there's a lot of frustration up there, including your own, you may do your part to obliterate.


For those new to my blog: Many of us, women and men of all sexual orientations, need only read of an example of what really is possible in sexual pleasure. It so often lights a desire to "Want to do that. Feel that." A want to learn how to have better sex through and sophisticated sex education maybe for the first time in their lives. Many of my clients say to me, "I'm tired of the fear and frustration. I want this!" I also intend to present to my readers the reality and creation of incredible sexual pleasure and connection from my perspective. I'm referred by a sex therapist sometimes, but I don't do sex therapy. I'm a sex life coach, ten year protege of Betty Dodson, Ph.D.. I teach and I do.

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