Eric Amaranth's Safe, Safer, and Super-Safe Sex Methods


Eric Amaranth's Safe, Safer, and Super-Safe Sex Methods
Eric Amaranth, sex coach, details what he defines as safe sex, safer, and safest sex.

One other option for increasing the safety of that is by using the female condom because it has a flared protective ring on the outside. Not perfect, but a little better. The downside of the female condom is by most opinions, including mine, even the new one doesn't feel very good compared to the thinnest condom on the market. You also have to make sure you dont come out all the way and thrust hard back into the vagina, which may have opened more from later stages of arousal, and force the female condom in all the way and with it your bare penis.

Then we go to dental dams and gloves for protection for oral sex and manual sex. If your partner has latex allergies you can get nitrile gloves and maybe dental dams but not sure. A little research will uncover that. People say you can use saran wrap for a dental dam, however, I remember going down on a partner who had her period once and I could still barely taste the copper flavor. I'm not convinced, but maybe I'm wrong-- user beware on that one. Gloves are good to protect you mostly from things under your partner's fingernails that they missed because there wasn't a brush on the sink for scrubbing under nails like there is on mine now.


However, the scientists say you can transmit herpes 1 (HSV1) from a partner's mouth or genitals into your body via microscopic cracks and cuts in the skin on your hands. If you already have HSV1 then it doesnt matter. You cannot transmit it from hands to genitals or mouth as far as I know, although there are some scientists who claim transmission may be easier than believed. Gloves are also good for shielding your skin from HPV, which could then be inadvertently rubbed onto genitals or inside the mouth and rectum while in the flow and throws of passion. We'll return to the risks of throws of passion and limiting those in the super-safe sex section. To conclude this section, my method for using dental dams:

Dental dams will creep up off the vulva or anus during oral sex if you dont have the bottom corners held against the woman's body with your fingers or with clothespins if she's into that. Also, have the hottie recipient hold the two top corners against her body so the dental dam is covering her vulva/anus fully. It helps to lube the side against her with some water-based lubricant. One hot thing with dental dams is if she has a very sensitive clitoris, you can do harder stimulation to it with your tongue than she can normally take. The dam softens the resulting sensations she feels and it may be the perfect amount to take her straight to a nice orgasm if you keep it up. It also lets you get a bit more firey in your mindset and roughness in your touch. Only use water-based lubes with latex condoms, gloves, and dams. Virgin cocont oil, my favorite, can be used with non-latex safe-sexwear like Skyn brand condoms and nitrile gloves. Saran wrap as well if you are comfy using it.

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