Eric Amaranth's Safe, Safer, and Super-Safe Sex Methods


Eric Amaranth's Safe, Safer, and Super-Safe Sex Methods
Eric Amaranth, sex coach, details what he defines as safe sex, safer, and safest sex.

Now, there's a post in my blog on advanced condom tips for men. Read that to learn strategies for optimizing pleasure received by the penis in spite of the condom use. For effective safe sex you need condoms that fit for the penis they're worn on, a man who pays attention to how the sensations on his penis feel (while thrusting inside her body) to monitor for possible condom roll off, one who grasps the base of the condom as he's heading to orgasm assuming he's going to ejaculate inside her with the condom still on. Then, right after that's over, pinches the base of the condom against his penis so that's secure while he's kissing her and afterglowing, but before his penis starts to return to flaccid state. Like they say on the condom instructions, hold onto the condom while withdrawing from her, go to the bathroom, and remove the condom and wash hands and penis in soap and cold water. Sperm hate cold temps. Under a tub faucet if you can, sink if necessary.

Crouching in front of a tub faucet or taking a shower is more thorough. If you dont have a bathroom, roll to your back and make it clear you're keeping your sperm-laden parts clear of her body. She can cuddle you closely on her side. After you clean up, return to bed and grab your underwear and put them back on because a fair amount of semen can leak from the softened penis that didnt ejaculate all the way out. If things get frisky again, she may get her hands in that, or you will, and sperm-slicked hands could go into her vagina. The underwear will keep the two of you aware of that and all you have to do is wait a little while for all the sperm to come out or she can suckle the soft penis and work the underside of the shaft where the urethra runs to get all the semen out before resuming more play.


That's assuming she's okay with semen in her mouth. That's not safe sex. All unprotected oral sex is including fingers that were in or on genitals that go into a mouth or other orifice. Semen is not the only vehicle for transmission. Vaginal fluids are as well, and, so is mere skin contact with someone's genitals or mouth. That brings us to safer sex and HPV.

Safer Sex: HPV is spread by skin to skin contact. The virus sets up shop on the skin's surface, as I mentioned in my two-part blog on my HPV-related cancer scare, which is also posted here on yourtango. I've mentioned before in previous blogs my practice of using elastomer cock rings around the base of my penis (where the penis shaft meets the torso) but wrapped neatly around the base of the condom. A properly fitting cock ring makes my penis extra fat and hard for my hottie's pleasure and more importantly holds the condom securely in place along the full length of my penis shaft. No more having to worry about: is the condom slipping down, is it okay to come in her when the time's nigh, and no problem with letting my penis contract back to regular size and still be inside her vagina or bum, letting it pop pleasantly out of her naturally with a giggle from us both. The full shaft coverage by the condom helps to protect her from internal HPV infection (and me as well). It does not, however, protect either of us from external HPV infection of the vulva, the skin around the base of the penis, or my scrotum (ball sack) upon which sex juices and lube can drip down.

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